Sturgeon Fishing

The White Sturgeon is North America’s largest fresh water fish. Reaching up to 1100 lbs, they range in size from 1-13 feet in length, sometimes bigger! Once you hook one you won’t want to stop. White Sturgeon live in the Fraser and Harrison rivers year-round. When you hook a sturgeon you better be prepared for an epic battle of a lifetime.

White sturgeon are known to be great acrobats and will often jump clear out of the water, sometimes multiple times during the battle. They have incredible strength and are guaranteed to give you a run for your money.

The best time to fish for white sturgeon is between March and November, please inquire for more details.

Salmon Fishing

There is nothing better than hooking one of these hard fighting fish and hearing that reel scream.There are five species of salmon that travel up the Fraser River and its tributaries.

• Chinook salmon also known as Springs or kings are the largest of the salmon species and normally are caught in the 10-40 lb range.
• Sockeye salmon also known as reds are usually caught in the 5-15 lb range.
• Chum salmon sometimes referred to as dogs are incredible fighting fish and are usually caught in the 10-25 lb range.
• Coho salmon also known as Silvers are known as acrobats and are usually caught in the 5-15lb range.
• Pink salmon also known as Humpy's arrive in our rivers in odd years 2017, 2019, 2021 and are usually caught in the 4-8lb range.

Please inquire about when to book a trip to fish for each species of salmon

Jet Boat Tours

Explore the Fraser Valley by its beautiful river systems! If you want to experience what the valley has to offer by water this could be the adventure for you! Trips up the mighty Fraser River and up into the clear Harrison are available with many sights to see.

In late fall during the salmon spawn there are hundreds of Bald Eagles feeding.

Custom trips are available please inquire to discuss.